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CEO and Executive SASi Coach

Rans is the 5th generation of Entrepreneurs, and has successfully run a number of businesses. Juggling both home and family life she found it all quite a challenge.

Having built many websites within her business portfolio, Rans could see the need for a system and structure to make the running of a business/multiple businesses, and a family as uncomplicated as possible. She needed all her information and schedules in one, easy to access location. instead of dozens of separate places which was all too time consuming accessing ever increasing information. She need to time manage to the best effect.
From this need SASI was born.

Rans developed a system that structures her working and personal life. The anxiety levels have dropped dramatically, and she has more quality time, not only with her family, but also to spend on further developing her businesses.

Rans is a people person and has watched so many struggle with the same problems too. So she has further developed SASi to enable you to un-complicate your life and business so you can breathe again.

Take a look at the packages available to you, and please feel free to message Rans with any questions.

 Find out more on how SASi can not only improve your business life, but also your personal.

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